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This Is My Babson

My name is Tyler Murphy and this is my Babson:

I hail from Gilford, New Hampshire—a small town situated near two famous N.H. landmarks, Lake Winnipesaukee and Gunstock Ski Resort. I am a freshman on campus and a proud member of the Class of 2013! A little about myself: I was one of those people who never knew what to expect out of college. Before arriving at Babson, I constantly wondered whether I would fit in, whether or not I would like the classes and professors, and overall just worried about enjoying the whole college experience. Looking back now, all I can think is how unfounded my worries were. I couldn’t be happier at college, and I especially LOVE Babson.

A crucial part of the college experience is getting involved on campus, and I have taken advantage of every opportunity presented to me. By joining various clubs and student organizations, I have met so many people and have acquired some great friends along the way. Early in the first semester, I was elected to the First Year Hall Council, an organization run completely by freshman, for freshman. We plan events geared toward first year students so that their first year here at Babson is more enjoyable. In fact, this Saturday, we are hosting a Stoplight Party in Knight Auditorium in order to raise funds in memory of a classmate’s father who passed away earlier this year. I am also on the Class of 2013 Steering Committee, which is quite similar to the First Year Hall Council. We have already done some great events, as Puja mentioned in her previous blog post, and we have more great things planned in the upcoming weeks including an FME Dodgeball Tournament, “I Want You to Be Happy” Day, an Egg Hunt, and maybe, just maybe some RED SOX TICKETS!!!!!!!!

A few other things I am a part of: the Honors Program, the Admissions Assistant Program (we give AWESOME tours, and I highly recommend you come to one soon—Monday through Friday at 10am or 2pm), intramural volleyball, and accounting club. I also have a 10-hour per week work-study in the Alumni Relations department, and I serve as the Chief Information Officer in my FME business. As you can tell, I like to keep busy, but this is totally what I expected coming to a business school like Babson. The opportunities to truly make a difference on campus are abounding, and it’s great to jump right in during your first semester.
Over the next couple of months, I will be writing my blog posts on various topics that I know will be of interest to all of you prospective first years. I will be covering things such as housing, student leadership, FOOD(!!), extracurricular activities, classes and professors, time management (I cannot stress how important this really is), and so many other things. I will also be reviewing past blog posts for any comments or questions, so PLEASE respond to our posts should ANYTHING pop into your head…anything at all. I, along with the other bloggers here, will try our best to answer quickly and honestly.

It’s Thursday which means the weekend is upon us. I can’t wait to get out and see what is happening on campus. In the mean time, I hope all of YOU are enjoying your vacation (if you live in Massachusetts) or school week, and I hope to see you on a tour soon. I always give my tours with my “cousin” Puja on Thursdays at 2pm, so I highly suggest you come at that time if you would like to meet us! The weather is starting to get better, and the semester is flying by, so make sure to stop in soon.

That’s all for now…Please check back frequently to keep informed on what’s happening at Babson, as I know there will be some fascinating events happening throughout the remainder of the semester!