Undergraduate Blog / First Year at Babson


Finals are this week! Monday – Saturday, but my last final is on Thursday. Pretty stressed, just because I can’t believe how much work we have covered in one semester! Usually I’d be studying for midterms at this point in school!

I’m studying with friends, though, which makes it easier. Together we have all the stuff covered, so it’s good to work together to make sure everyone has their facts straight! I’m excited to go home, it’s weird to think that a whole semester is over already! I feel like it just started, but then again I feel like I’ve been here forever!

I have an FME meeting tonight. Our business received funding which was really exciting, but now the gears are being put in motion, and it’s actually feeling real!

One of the things about Babson is that you’re always busy. There’s never a time when you don’t have plans, and you just feel useless. No matter what, you always have somewhere to go, whether it’s just to hang out with friends in Reynolds or go to a meeting or go to a really cool event or speaker (or coffee hour with Dean Hanno)! Life here is always busy but it’s also fun!

That’s all for now, back to the books! Peace!