Undergraduate Blog / First Year at Babson

Week One, Check!

My first full week of Senior year just came and went. My weekend was spent doing work mostly (I managed to find some time for play too!) They say it gets easier as you move up at Babson, am I taking the wrong classes for this to be true? I must be, because while I’m holed up in my room, sneaking out to watch episodes of Law and Order and eat, my suite-mates wander around looking for entertainment. Ok I mean, it is technically my fault, I am one of the few seniors overloading in their last two semesters. When most seniors have a nice light 16 credit (4 class) semester, I’m sitting in my room doing the work of a 19 credit course load. I probably should have paid more attention in class while I was abroad!

The pain is eased by the fact that I have chosen courses that genuinely interest me (even if I am spending the majority of daylight reading for them). While I may be having flash backs to FME while I sit in my prototyping class drawing context diagrams, its interesting this time around, I know what I’m learning this for and what the outcome of the work will be. My ethno-political conflict class, though my largest workload, is one of the most interesting classes I’ve taken at Babson. I like doing the reading, and its challenging, which as you continue your education you will realize is actually a great thing!

Speaking of not rushing your college career… I went to get my resume checked last week. It’s a new part of the senior checklist. In order to gain access to career  connections (to get the dredded three letter word..j-o-b). They ask you things like what do you want to be when you grow up, yikes! I’d like to wake up from this dream I’m having while snoozing in my FME class please!