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The Impact of T-shirts

I had an interesting conversation with a first year student a week or so ago.  We were discussing how her first year at Babson has gone, and she was honest with me and told me that at the end of the first semester she was wondering if Babson was the right place for her.  When she contemplated transferring, she decided that she could not leave because she had acquired so many Babson t-shirts that she would have come up with a whole new wardrobe. 

I had to challenge the notion that she stayed at Babson because of the t-shirts, she laughed and said that really the t-shirts had actually reinforced the sense of community at Babson that she come to appreciate.  However, she did admit that she was psyched about how many t-shirts she has obtained! Who would have thought the cumulative impact of T-shirts could help a student come to understand the significance of a college community.

I must admit, I often wondered if it was necessary to have a T-shirt at so many college events.  It is nice to see that in this one case, a student thought beyond the laundry.

Just another day on a college campus….