Undergraduate Blog / First Year at Babson

Embracing Opportunities

Last week, while standing outside a classroom as a program was getting underway, a senior inquired about what I was doing.  I mentioned I was helping coordinate the coaching for leadership program for the juniors.  He remembered his coaching experience and reflected that many times you do not appreciate the many opportunities that students experience at Babson.   Now, as a senior, he is starting to realize all of the great things he had experienced as an undergraduate student.  I reminded him of an old cliché’ “College is wasted on the young”, he laughed and agreed that sometimes you are just too young to appreciate all the good things that are going on around you.

I told him that it was fortunate that he came to this realization while he was still a senior and could still embrace the many opportunities that Babson offered and remind his classmates about his epiphany.