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Spring Break

For some reason, professors always seem to schedule mid-terms the week before spring break. Although it may seem like this would annoy and stress most students, it can also be a relief. Having all your work done before spring break makes the vacation that much more enjoyable. When I was on the beach in Sanibel Island, I was thankful that the mid-term I had taken on Wednesday was over, that the paper due on Thursday was done with, and the project on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was finally handed in. That is quite a lot of work due in one week, but it’s over with!

Sanibel Island

Taking liberal arts classes sometimes involves an abundance of reading. Sometimes professors don’t understand that, in all honesty, we aren’t going to read the 150 pages they’ve assigned over the one week we can finally breathe! Especially when we’re on the beach…Spring is always very exciting at Babson, and spring break week is a great start to it!