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Church Bells, Outlook Bells, Wedding Bells and Bellboys?!

Things are starting to get a wee bit hectic for me this semester…

Church Bells
It’s Lent season! I have mentally and physically prepared myself for 40 days of sacrifice and penitence. For those of you interested in spiritual life at Babson, our beautiful Glavin Chapel is non-denominational and open to use by students of all walks of faith. Last Wednesday, I went to Ash Wednesday Mass at Glavin. This year, I gave up the bottom food group: no flour, bread, pasta, rice, or noodles. It’s only been a week and I am already starting to suffer from complex-carb withdrawal….

Outlook Bells
Some of you readers might already know that Babson is so technology-focused. No one can go very long without checking their email or their Outlook. My Outlook controls my life. If I don’t schedule “Eat Lunch”, I really would forget to do it. Especially with all the clubs, organizations, classes, and commitments every Babson student is involved with, Outlook is a great system to schedule meetings and you can also see other people’s availabilities and schedules. It is a fantastically efficient and handy system since the whole school is synced and on the same platform!

But every time my Outlook alarms or reminders ring, I know it means I am supposed to be somewhere or be doing something and lately, the sound has been giving me a bit of anxiety. My thesis deadline is coming up very very soon! I know I have pages and forms and surveys and citations due to my advisors and professors all the time. I am beginning to really feel the time crunch!

Wedding Bells
I know what you’re thinking. No – I’m not getting married silly. But my older sister is! In 37 days! It is coming up so soon I can almost hear the wedding bells. I have been asked to be her Maid of Honor and hence have been running around like a headless chicken mailing shower invites, ordering cupcakes, going to dress fittings…

The most challenging part is that the wedding is in New York. And I’m in Massachusetts. So almost every weekend I do the 3 hour drive down to the city to be by the bride-to-be’s side or to taste this or try on that. Then I do the drive back up and try to catch some time with friends or homework before another crazy week starts again. Time is just flying by.

But it isn’t just stress and chaos here. In a week from now I will be in the warm and sunny Caribbean with dozens of my school friends for Spring Break! There are almost 30 of us staying that the same resort in the Bahamas. I cannot wait to escape from the New England cold and the bells of all my commitments and hand my bags over to my Bellhop along with all my worries.

Stay tuned for pictures from the Bahamas!

Best regards,