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My Internship Rocks….and so do Fashion Shows

I had the coolest experience last Wednesday at Hill Holliday. As you know I am interning at this advertising agency. This past week they took me to the recording studio to re-shoot a commercial for our client. It was so amazing. I heard the lady in the booth who does the voice over (it’s so crazy because she sounds like that in real life too!). She exclaimed, “For only 74.95!” I also saw how they mixed it with the visual part of the commercial and the background music. The experience was surreal…glad I got to be a part of it!

This weekend the Black Student Union had a fashion show which i was a part of. It was fun playing a model. Especially since a lot of girls my size (height and weight) are never featured. Many people came up to me afterwards and said i did a great job and was one of the best models! YAAAAAY. I will def post pictures up when I harrass my friends for them. hehe

What did any of you do this weekend. Comment below!