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Babsonians can bust a move

It’s that time of year again!

The Babson Dance Ensemble always puts on a killer show at the end of each semester. Almost 70 people working together to put on a two-hour show of mind-blowing music, dance, costumes, and lights – it’s always a popular event on campus. And who would have thought that the largest student organization at a business school is a dance ensemble?! Babson students are full of unusual talents and interests that surpass the scope of just business…

So the curtains go up tonight, and the show goes on till Saturday night! All you blog readers in the area should come by and check out the show! Tickets are only $5 dollars. We have also partnered up with a charity that is close to one of our dancers so raffle ticket and sales proceeds will all be going to a good cause that promotes the fine arts.

Be there or you’ll be missing out!