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Halloween Costume= Free iPod Nano

So this Halloween was one of the most festive events of the semester! We had 3 nights of Halloween. Thursday was a dance party at the Pub where they had a “Thriller” dance off. I was dressed up like a member of another dance team Hypnotik. Friday was our first ever BON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was soooo cool. They had a Halloween costume contest during the event. I reaaaaaaaaaally wanted the iPod so I decided to dress like a drag queen. It took 2 hours to do my hair and make-up. It was so intense. It paid off, because I ended up winning the new iPod Nano!!!

Then Saturday was our annual Pepsico Party. I went as Minnie Mouse. They were so many pre-parties before hand and everyone met up at the big party around midnight. The music was great and the costumes were awesome! Some was dressed like a TACO! We have so many pictures to look back on and laugh.

Now that the fun is over I have a 12 page negotation paper to finish and my Spanish essay all due next week! Ahhhh better get started 🙂

Actually speaking of negotiations, this week we had a heated negotiation where I played the City of Boston with 2 other students and we were talking with a new airline company that wanted to come into Boston. We debated for almost 3 hours about price, location, number of gates, renovations…the works! While every other team got a deal…we were the only team who couldn’t agree on things….end result= NO DEAL!

Thank god there is no grade on getting a deal…However, she did enjoy listening to our points and how we were able to back up our reasoning.