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Late In The Game: Senior Concentration Change

Hello everyone. It has been a little while since any of us interns has been able to write new blogs because you have been keeping us SO busy with interviews which is AWESOME! We love getting to hear about everything you are doing and what you’re all about but we have no time for blogging with so many interviews – I’d say it’s a pretty good problem to have though!

So I made a pretty large decision this morning, I decided I’m dropping my original second concentration and picking up another one. Currently I have completed the Marketing concentration as of the end of this semester but all last year and this year I have been taking classes to obtain a second concentration in Retail Supply Chain Management. Yes, it is pretty late to make such a decision considering I was only 1 class away from completing the RSCM concentration and it’s senior year. The last class I would have had to take is Supply Chain Management which is only offered once a year in the spring semester but it conflicted with Writing Poetry, a class that I really want to take from a professor that I really enjoy (this will be my third time taking a class from her). I know, I bet you were not expecting to ever hear the words “I want” and “Writing Poetry” come out of a business major’s mouth. Also, I realized that supply chain management is really just not my thing.

As always, all of my friends and even my professors and class dean completely supported me in my decision which really helped me feel confident that this was the right move to make. Now with an open concentration slot on my diploma I started looking at other concentrations that might apply to my interest areas. Lo and behold I found that the Writing Poetry class I want so badly is the last class I would need to get a concentration in Literary and Visual Arts. I have already taken a lot of these classes purely for my own enjoyment and never even thought about having them as a concentration. 

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, as always, I am amazed by the amount of support we get here from our peers and faculty/staff to study what we want to study and go where we want to go. My professors and class dean thought it was a wonderful idea that I take the classes I want to take instead of going with the concentration that I thought would look best on my resume.

In actuality, often times employers are very intrigued by someone who has a concentration in a liberal arts area and it can separate you from the crowd. They can really pair well with business concentrations to create an extremely well rounded graduate. Basically, if you know how you want to present yourself to employers you can really impress them by showing that you were brave enough to concentrate in something a little different and show them that it gives you an edge over others because “insert your idea here.” 

I guess that’s all for now folks. Email me if you have any questions about concentrations or if you want to join the “Justin, You Made The Right Decision Support Group” – jbrooks1@babson.edu

Have a good day everyone