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Bank of America – Leveraged Finance

The following information was obtained from a survey of  Babson students following recent on campus interviews.

Position: Analyst, Leverage Finance

Number of Interviewers: 2

Interviewers: Alumni, a junior executive, a senior executive

Types of Questions:

Behavioral: 100%

Case: 14%

Technical: 71%

How difficult was the interview:

Difficult: 29%

It was okay: 71%

How friendly were your interviewers:

Easy going: 43%

Friendly: 57%

Did you attend an info session prior to interviewing:

No, there wasn’t one: 71%

Would you have like there to have been an info session:

Yes: 43%

What resources did you use to prepare for this interview:

Vault guides: 57%

Company website: 43%

Career Connections: 43%

Horn Library Resources: 14%

Google: 29%

Wikipedia: 29%

After the interview, did you feel you had a better understanding of the position you were applying for:


No: 40%

After the Interview, how interested were you in the company:

More interested: 80%

Same: 20%

Did you have any prior contact with people from this organization:

Alumni: 14%