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Hoops and Homework!

The Community Action Program I am a part of is called “Hoops and Homework” at Pusan Road in Framingham. “Hoops and Homework” is an after school program for children living in a Framingham Housing Authority sponsored neighborhood. Those who attend receive help with homework, and have the opportunity to play with other children in the neighborhood. My role in the program as a mentor, is to help these children with their homework, and also facilitate activities with them. This program is very important to the children in particular because it allows children to get the help they need to succeed in school through their homework. These children may come from families that may not be home after school due to work, so it is important that they have individuals caring for them after school. It is an amazing program that not only helps teach children, but also provides them with other children to be friends with so they have individuals to turn to. I love coming to this program every week, because it is an opportunity for me to be a role model for these children. Not only can I be a role model, but I am there to help them with their work and be someone to turn to for advice or a laugh. Being a Freshman, I will definitely continue to work at Pusan Road in the future, because I can see the positive impact I have not only on their children’s lives but also the impact they have on mine.

by Amanda Santorelli