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Why CAP?

The smiles on their faces, their open arms when you walk in, and their curiosity always brings me back to the kids. I have been working in the CAP program for four years now and it has been a great experience. This year, I am part of the Pusan Road after School program. I am able to help the kids increase their reading level by having one-on-one sessions for homework. Usually the kids have their main mentor they run to for help. The excitement on their faces for the activity after their reading and homework is my favorite part. For some of the kids, the mentors mean a lot to them because they may not have a person to look up to or they do not receive as much attention at home. I have also felt that there needs to be people who can speak for those who do not have as much of a voice. This program helps these students tremendously by providing resources to continue developing their education but also build amazing bonds with mentors. Mentors can help them through the process and build a trust with them.

We have done fun activities such as: Lava lamp, slime, coloring books, and many more. This is the time to get off campus and enjoy some bonding with the kids. The kids love when they see us and even get sad if someone does not show up for one week. The best part about this all is that we, the mentors, are part of something bigger. We are the kids network and are able to help them through school and decisions in their life. The CAP program is great and if you have an idea, there is a way to build your own activities and fun games!

-Stephanie Herrera