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Mini-FME venture

The Needham ELP had been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I have
always derived a deeper meaning from helping others in my community, and having had the
opportunity to be actively engaged, I feel as if I made an impact. As part of the program, the
local high school students participated in their own mini-FME venture. They created and are
projected to sell custom designed blind contour t-shirts (blind contour is the drawing of a person
or object without the lifting of the pencil or looking at the paper). Although their limited budget
presented challenges, the group did a terrific job in coming up with an idea they were passionate
about. The idea blossomed randomly when one of the participants decided to display her artistic
skills and draw her peers. Right on the spot, the rest of the group decided unanimously that blind
contours would look great as a unique t-shirt design. Following the design, they formulated
start-up costs, projected profits, and even delivered their own feasibility presentation on campus.
Beginning next semester, their product will launch, and all proceeds will be given to host a
gathering for their community.

Describing anything business related as “ew” earlier on in the semester, it has been a
pleasure to see how far these young entrepreneurs have come as they are now on the verge of
starting their own business. Seeing their exuberance and passion for a product that is truly their
own has truly been fulfilling to witness, and I look forward to where it takes off in the Spring.

-Isaiah Ptaszynska-Simpson, Class of 2021