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A’s Instead of C’s

I started the Community Action Program (CAP) freshman year, and now 5 semesters later, I am still helping children in the youth afterschool programs. I worked at Barton Road for two semesters and then moved to Pusan Road where I worked for three semesters. Regardless of the location, it was a pleasurable experience working with the kids. I enjoyed teaching and lending a hand whenever I could because many of the kids are growing up in disadvantaged situations that may not provide proper resources they may need in order to be successful in any venture they undertake. I loved showing support and providing that one-on-one tutoring they may not have access to. A particular moment when I felt like I made a difference was when the girl I helped weekly saw increasing grades on her Spanish quizzes. My experience helping her was the best I had at Pusan because we were able to establish a studying plan that worked for her through trial and error. It was exciting to know that my efforts actually helped her, as she started getting A’s as opposed to C’s. I also was happy to see that though I could not continue working with her in June, we had an already established studying technique that I felt confident enough that she would continue to do well even when I could not be there. From that experience and other similar ones, I would definitely recommend CAP to someone who wants to make a difference in the community, especially with younger individuals. Helping children is truly the most moving experience a college student can experience, as it made me see a different part of me that I thought I had outgrown. It made me feel like a kid again and it motivated me to give them the help and advice I wish I had when I was a child. Looking back, it made me realize that these children are our future and we should help them be the best that they can be.

-Lupe Carino