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Micro-Tyco Excellence Award

Earlier this summer, we partnered with long time collaborator WildHearts to offer the Micro-Tyco Excellence Award from The Babson Social Innovation Lab, recognizing 6 secondary school students who demonstrated entrepreneurial excellence throughout their completion of WildHearts’ Micro-Tyco program.

The Micro-Tyco program is a month-long challenge that enables participants to practice and learn fundamental business principles in a safe, ‘micro’ environment. Teams have one month to turn just £1 of seed capital into as much money as possible. This money is then invested in WildHearts microfinance programs around the globe. Micro-Tyco produces inspired entrepreneurial thinkers that care about the impact they have on their local and global community.

At The Lewis Institute we believe that for entrepreneurship to be taught it must be unleashed. By taking part in Micro-Tyco, these recipients have demonstrated their entrepreneurial mindset and used their skills to create positive global, social impact. In total there were 6 honorees across Portlethen Academy, Aberdeen and the International School of Geneva.

International School of Geneva honorees with Josh Bayliss, CEO of Virgin Group, and their teacher, Ian Smith. Photo Credit: Andy Buchanan 2017

At a recent Micro-Tyco Master Class, the recipients from the International School of Geneva received their awards from Josh Bayliss, CEO of Virgin Group. Their teacher, Ian Smith, who is head of Year 8 was delighted for the opportunity to accredit his student’s entrepreneurial excellence through this award. Ian is a compassionate and innovative changemaker and a driving force behind social entrepreneurship at the school.

Micro-Tyco is just the start of the entrepreneurial journey for these students. Honorees are already underway planning a TEDx youth conference this fall, and will be attending the WildHearts 2017 Global Entrepreneurial Leadership Summit in London this October. Talk about entrepreneurship unleashed!