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Not an Ordinary Desk Job

I have been with the CAP program since the first week of beginning college. I was already aware that I didn’t want any ordinary desk job, designated to file papers and redirect phone calls. I wanted something more lively and deserving of my valuable time. I was also awarded work study in my financial package, which allowed to choose from a greater number of jobs that Babson had to offer. In my first year on campus, my RA happened to be the manager of a CAP program, Harvard Square Meals. During our introductions, he asked if anyone was passionate about volunteer work and didn’t mind giving up their Thursdays to help feed the less fortunate. It was as if he was speaking directly to me. My experience at Harvard Square Meals has been amazing. Some of the people deemed less fortunate are just really down on their luck for the time being. They have lived very interesting lives and share very interesting experiences. I must hear a war story about twice every week. The patrons are also very politically educated, and during the election, meals were often the last things on their minds as they just wanted to come to talk about new updates in the presidential election. I am grateful to have been able to work at this program because it keeps me constantly aware that things happen and how important it is to have emergency funds and plans in place for the rainy days. Most of the patrons are very appreciative, which makes serving them that much more pleasurable. I have made quite a few friends at Harvard Square, and as much as I look forward to seeing them every week, I hope there comes a time when their luck changes for the better and that they have the means to eat elsewhere.

The Barton Road programs I do are just as special. The children we serve are from a lower income housing authority. Despite the fact that they may be underrepresented, these kids still keep smiles on their faces and try to make the best out of their situations. They love to play sports, and I enjoy playing sports with them, but there are also a few who really appreciate the life lessons that we try to teach them. Life is all about having fun, financial stability, and utilizing the education available to you. We try our hardest every week to come up with new and current curriculum to take to the kids. We’ve moved away from traditional entrepreneurship as that may not be what this wish to pursue in higher education. Looking forward, I hope we get better attendance from both Barton Road programs because the more kids we can help, the more my team and I walk away with a feeling of accomplishment.

-Thomas Smith