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Mentorship through CAP

I began working for the Community Action Program (CAP) at the Barton Road after school program during the Fall 2016 semester.  This was my first semester as a Babson student and I did not expect that this program would have such a significance in my adaptation to being at college. Working for CAP has introduced me to great people that have helped me adjust and grow while finding my place at Babson. The Babson upperclassmen I work with have served as mentors to me while I serve as a mentor to the younger kids that I am working with at Barton.

CAP has also given me a way to distress and have fun while still doing what I genuinely love: community service and working with children. In the past I had been a camp counselor for two years and participated in several community service events around my community.  CAP allows me to continue doing that while giving me some extra cash for my everyday college expenses.  On top of that CAP has helped me gain friendships that will follow me throughout the rest of my college experience.

I hope that in the future I will be able to see the children that I work with now grow into intelligent, young adults. I also hope to see CAP expand by developing more programs in the greater Boston area. It would be great to see more Babson students have the opportunity to be a part of such a positive environment because I believe doing something that benefits others helps build your character tremendously. I finished off last semester with a newly gained set of leadership and communication skills that I would have not acquired anywhere else.  Leading and tutoring a group of animated kids has helped me break out of the shy bubble that I tend to get into when in a tough situation.  I have learned to speak up and take control when needed, which I will take with me when working in the business industry.

-Algelia Vargas