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Learning to be Grateful through CAP

My experience at CAP has been a very interesting one. Being able to work at three programs, Barton Road, Pusan, and Cradles to Crayons, I feel like I have experienced a lot. For the first time, I work hands on with kids who don’t have much. It is amazing at how thankful they are just to have you there. It has been a very positive experience so far. Most of the kids are behaved, respectful, and eager to see me. I also enjoy how I have been getting consistent attendance from the same kids. That is my biggest hope for the future of CAP. It is vital that we get consistent attendance. I would like to see consistent attendance from more kids though. At Barton Road, there are a handful of kids who show up every single time, a handful of kids who show up most of the time, and a handful of kids who show up once or twice all semester. I would like to see a growth in the amount of kids who consistently show up every time. Also, I want to see more one on one tutoring throughout the programs. We have started to do that in Pusan, and I feel as though it is helping tremendously. Everybody is getting help, and the kids who need the most help are getting the full attention they need. I hate when I see kids who somehow slipped through the cracks. For example, I have been working with a fifth grader, to teach him how to read. It really bothers me knowing that somebody let him go on to fifth grade and eleven years of life without even being able to fully read Dr. Seuss books. There are many things I want to take away from CAP. The biggest though is a sense of thankfulness. I have always been very thankful for my life. However, working so close with kids who have so little, has made me even more thankful and grateful for everything in my life. Some of these kids live in two bedroom houses with five or six people! It makes me appreciate everything in life so much more. Also, I think working while in college teaches you important skills and lessons that you can’t just learn from being in class. Having a job teaches you time management, how to work with a team, being manager helps you learn how to lead a team, how to prioritize, and work ethic. Lastly, I want to gain and maintain lasting relationships and bonds. I have gotten close with several of my team members. We have even hung out beyond work several times.I feel like I have gained a lot of meaningful relationships that could last a life time.

-Nick Aloia