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Learning From Each Other

So far, I have had a great experience doing the CAP program at Barton Road. I am fairly new to the program, as I have only started this semester and there are others that have been doing it all year. But after the first couple of weeks, it feels as if I have been doing it all year as well. Getting to know the kids that go there has been a great part of the whole experience. They are all great kids full of energy and spirit. I will admit that the very first day I was a little bit nervous about whether they would like me or not. Gladly, they made me feel at home and are willing to have me help them with homework or participate in an activity with them.

As the program continues, I hope we can help the kids that attend as much as possible. Helping them with their homework is already very beneficial to them. But helping them can go beyond just their homework. There are many other things kids should learn that could help them in the long run. The past couple of visits, we focused on friendship and teamwork, being close to Valentine’s Day. These are traits that can help them later on in their academic journey or in life. I hope to continue having similar things in which we can help them develop other skills like public speaking through fun and team bonding activities.

Overall, I have enjoyed working with the kids. They have also taught me many things as well. Not only have I helped them with their homework, but they have also taught me how to do things I didn’t know how to do before like play checkers or make friendship bracelets. They enjoy sharing their school activities and what they learned with all of us. It has been pretty fun getting to know them and helping them continue working hard in school.

-Sebastian Olea