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Zero Regrets

At the start of the trip, I came in with many questions as I was uncertain about what to expect. Although I had participated in build projects before, this was the first time I had committed to a week-long build trip. Regardless, I came in with an open mind and eager to contribute as much as I could to Habitat for Humanity. During my time in Vero Beach, I helped with several tasks like assisting the ReStore with loading and unloading heavy furniture and helping set the trusses and shingles on a new home. Having the opportunity to participate in various construction tasks taught me a lot about the numerous steps that go into building a new house. However, as important as those lessons were, perhaps the most valuable takeaways from the trip came off the build site. Getting to learn more about the mission and values of Habitat for Humanity opened my eyes to the issue of poverty housing that is widespread throughout our country. Learning about some of the hardships and difficulties that the families face allowed me to better appreciate the many things that I often take for granted. Lastly, I will be forever grateful for the friendships and bonds I had the opportunity to form over the course of the week. It was extremely humbling to learn of the other students’ stories and motivation for coming on the service trip. All in all, I have absolutely zero regrets about foregoing my final week of winter break to partake in the Vero Beach trip. After all, while winter breaks come and go, the opportunity to forge relationships while sharing valuable lessons may not.

-Vero Beach, Florida Habitat for Humanity Trip Participant