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Returning to a Cause I Care About

After an amazing experience on the Vero Beach Habitat Trip last year, I was so excited to have the opportunity to participate again this year. During this trip I have had the privilege of also being the student leader which has given me a whole new experience. Seeing the Waterside community for the second time made me appreciate how much work we did last year and how much our efforts really make a difference. Last year I remember how great it felt to complete two roofs and I was so happy when we were able to complete another roof this trip in just two days. This time around I felt so much more confident as I picked up the hammer and started roofing just like I had never left. Aside from helping complete the roof I was also able to help set trusts, nail in the pieces for the hurricane roof, paint, help at the restore, pack up a house and more. Thus far, I have had yet another wonderful experience and can’t wait to come back next year!

-Vero Beach, Florida Habitat for Humanity Trip Participant