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Building a Home

Today was day 4 on the job and once again it flew by. Every day following the first day we were placed in the Habitat community where we helped build homes. For the majority of the week we spent our time working on 4 different homes, each one of them at different steps of the building process. The primary building I worked on was very early on in the building phase. I worked closely with other volunteers and the on-site supervisor; Richard. Richard helped guide me through putting the nails in the right place and taught me the best techniques for using a hammer. It was very tiring work but after everyday the home buyers thanked me personally which felt great. The supervisors were also very appreciative of the work that I did throughout the day. After three days of working on this building, I finally finished. It was really cool to have such a direct impact on people’s lives. Whenever I felt the exhaustion kicking in, I stepped back to think about the fact that we were building someone’s home, and that was all the motivation I needed to finish the job. I will definitely volunteer with Habitat again and I highly recommend it to others who are considering it -but are uncertain.

-Vero Beach, Florida Habitat for Humanity Trip Participant