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Social Innovation: Shedding Light, Not Heat

As we prepare to leave for the Thanksgiving break, I am reminded that social innovation is one of the true ways that the best of humanity shines. And it is more important now than ever. If we reflect on how we define social innovation – as breakthrough interactions, non-linear journeys, boundary spanning, and bringing together both the unusual and usual suspects – we see that there’s no better time for co-creation and active problem solving. We know that it is only in the seeking out of new voices that we are able to move seemingly intractable forces and generate solutions to our biggest challenges.

I am struck by the changemaking potential held in this community and beyond, and so grateful to get to do the work I do each day at this energized school with an incredible methodology and a deep commitment to social impact. I see that, as I shift my focus to the things I am grateful for, the world opens up instead of becoming ever smaller, and with this shift, opportunity unfolds. So, I encourage you to rejoice in this week of reflection, this week of “Gratitude-giving.” I encourage us to see gratitude not just a nice to do, but as possibly the most important way forward.