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From Day One: Tradition Taking Root

In reflecting back to the first From Day One 7 years ago, I see it was the beginning of a tradition, the beginning of a way that we orient new members of the Babson community around values, purpose and intent. Traditions are so important because they locate us in a particular time, space and meaning. They locate us together, from day one, on this beautiful campus for the first day of classes, coming together to share a meal – a tradition that goes back to the earliest human experiences.

Together with the Sustainability Office we give you the best of the best – locally sourced, seasonal food, a community of vendors from Babson and beyond offering pathways for how you can make a difference, and time to connect with one another. This is an experience we want you to metabolize and feel. And into that experience we intentionally bake a set of values. Specifically, sustainability matters. How you eat, who cooks your meal, who grows your food, how it’s disposed of – it all matters and you have the power to make an impact in that supply chain.

The beauty of traditions is that they speak to a habitat, not transactions, not programs, or one-off events. And because habitats have staying power and we know we will always have them, they become what I like to call a No Big Deal. And we know this is how real change can happen, how real social innovation can happen. It gets embedded, becomes second nature and something you do without even thinking about it. That is how impact happens.

At The Lewis Institute we believe that learning takes place in a multi-dimensional way. We’re here to share experiences, put people in front of other people, make connections, help make it stick. Everything we do is oriented to real, relevant, practical ways that people are already doing these things. It isn’t theoretical or a rubric – it’s about people connecting with their values and living and working with purpose.

We started the fall semester kick off last week with The Babson Sustainable Kitchen Dinner, and tomorrow we will continue with From Day One Fest. We’ll be hosting the first Good Business Friday of the semester in collaboration with From Day One, introducing you to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and exploring opportunities to make a difference world-wide. But this is just the start. Every week we will create pathways into the world of social innovation. Come and talk to us about how you can create purpose and make a difference during your time here with Babson. We’re here to help you with that journey. Hope to see you tomorrow on the Reynolds Lawn.