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Eating, Educating and Entrepreneuring this October 25-26

Babson Food Day 2015

Jody Adams and Doug Rauch at Babson Food Day 2015

It’s been another epic year for food. Concerns about food waste have finally reached the mainstream radar. Investments in new food delivery models continue to rollercoaster. Debates on the intersections of agriculture and technology persist. Big food brands are establishing food labs and investment arms. The battles over GMO labeling and turning the Farm Bill into a Food Bill wage on. And grocerants are on the rise.

All year, Food Sol tries to keep up with the big food picture – which just keeps getting bigger. Then, each October at Babson Food Day, we endeavor to bring it all together, and serve hungry-for-action individuals, in community, to find the people and pathways that will help them take the next “bite-sized” steps on their unique food journeys.

In no sector is there more room for direct action than in food. We’ve been saying it for years, and today it is truer than ever: Food is everybody’s business. If you eat, you can change the world—the world of your immediate family, your social circle, the town you live in, your state, your nation. As Wendell Berry said, “Eating is an agricultural act.” We agree, and would add that it is an entrepreneurial act as well. By what you purchase and eat, you co-create and shape the food system of our future.

This October 25-26 marks sixth Babson Food Day. As always, we will celebrate with our Entrepreneurs in Residence Andrew Zimmern and Gail Simmons and both established and emerging leaders from our ever-growing community of food change-makers. Whether you are a food entrepreneur or simply an engaged eater, Babson Food Day is for you.

The 2016 agenda is live. Speakers will be announced soon. But for now, please save the dates and follow us at #babsonfood. We look forward to celebrating with you!