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From Local to Global: Using ET&A to Jumpstart Social Innovation

Entrepreneurial Thought & Action® is the most powerful force on the planet for solving problems, starting ventures, and positively disrupting sectors that need change. Here at Lewis Institute we are always thinking of how we can accelerate putting this powerful tool in the hands of everyone. How do we allow young students starting out in the social sector and social innovation space to access ET&A so that it can be used immediately to jumpstart positive action.

This summer, we have the opportunity to continue our engagement with organizations that believe, as we do, that we must equip young people with the tools, skills, and mindset for entrepreneuring their way through life. For the second year in a row, we had the honor of kicking off the Forest Foundation’s summer internship boot camp with 70 college students placed at various nonprofits in metro Boston. Later next month, for the third year in a row, we will be bringing Youth Design students to Babson as part of their Summer Immersion Program to understand ET&A, social innovation, and social design. And for the fourth year in a row, Women2Women International will be coming to campus for a full day immersion in Babson’s ET&A methodology and the social innovation mindset to jump-start their 80+ young women leaders from around the world.

All of these students will leave armed with ET&A and social design to address systemic local and global dilemmas. We hope that through our collaboration these young students will understand better how to just start: using who they are, what they know, who they know, and the resources they have at hand to jumpstart social innovation in communities around the world. We are looking forward to helping them ACT, LEARN, & BUILD purposeful adventures.