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Activating “Teacherpreneur” Changemakers

By Janai Mungalsingh ‘08, Program and Curriculum Administrator, Youth Entrepreneurial Leadership Programs at Babson College.

As part of our mission to educate entrepreneurial leaders who create great economic and social value, The Lewis Institute’s Youth Entrepreneurship Programs will be hosting the first annual Activating Babson’s Pre-College Curriculum conference for high school educators January 27-28 on campus.

This two day Train-the-Trainer conference will immerse educational partners in Babson’s methodology of Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® (ET&A). Ultimately, this program will help educators use the tools and skills of entrepreneurship to empower students to turn their ideas into action.

In many years of working with youth and educators outside the classroom, I’ve seen that so much learning happens beyond desks and whiteboards. As a Babson alum looking to engage Entrepreneurs of All Kinds®, I became interested in ways to connect real life experience and real life learning in the classroom. People learn by doing and internalize concepts through application. This conference is focused on hands-on workshop sessions where participants can build a customized curriculum toolkit and create a comprehensive strategy to empower students in new venture creation.

Babson youth entrepreneurship program students excited for their entrepreneurial journey.

Babson Youth Entrepreneurship program students excited for their entrepreneurial journey.

Educators are craving new strategies for engaging youth, and we’ve created sessions focused on putting ET&A into practice through activities, gamifying concepts, and sharing best practices and adaptations that fit every organization. By cultivating “teacherpreneurs,” educators can create entrepreneurial learning atmospheres in the classroom that will help their students grow into future leaders. High school students are then able to identify their passions and recognize problems in their communities as opportunities to develop ventures of social value for the next generation.

As a final yet crucial component, this conference will connect educators to one another, thereby creating a community of practice and fostering collaboration among multiple youth-based entrepreneurial programs. We’ll be guiding participants as they work together to create resource maps for planning and share resources to amplify impact. Learn more and register here.