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Business for Good

By Mick Jackson, Founder and Chairman of WildHearts.

I am honored and excited to bring the WildHearts Global Entrepreneurial Leaders Summit to Babson this fall on September 24th. We have a wonderful relationship with the Lewis Institute and there is no other partner we would rather work with to take the GEL Summit global for the very first time.

When I created WildHearts I was driven by the conviction that ‘Business for Good’ is not only good for the soul and good for society, it is also good for business. Now thanks to research carried out by The Lewis Institute & IO Sustainability we have compelling evidence to support this. ‘Business for Good’ is no longer an optional extra but rather an essential investment in the credibility, relevance and sustainability of your business. Over the course of the GEL Summit I’m looking forward to hearing from speakers and meeting delegates who have made that commitment to invest not only the future of their business, but in the future of our world.

Mick Jackson Award 1

Mick Jackson receiving the 2014 Social Innovator Award with his son, Cheryl Kiser, and Kerry Healey.

WildHearts aims to be a world leading B2B Social Brand and to give businesses an efficient and credible way to express their values.  All our work is driven by the profits from the WildHearts Group. By switching to WildHearts Office customers can use their existing office overheads to address social and economic injustice, both at home and abroad, without affecting their bottom line. WildHearts customers literally make a difference while they make a living. This business ethos continues through to our social impact: from funding micro-loans for poor entrepreneurs in the developing world to transforming the futures of our young people at home through Micro-Tyco, our multi-award winning entrepreneurial training program.

One of the many unexpected gifts from creating WildHearts is the rich friendships I have made globally. Cheryl Kiser has supported the GEL Summit from day one, speaking in Edinburgh in 2013 and in London last year, and I couldn’t be happier to be working alongside her for the Babson GEL. I’m also delighted to have corporate leaders Bob Keiller and Claire Burton, two of WildHearts’ most cherished UK supporters, join us alongside incredible social innovators such as Gavin Armstrong and Brandon Arbiter.

If the GEL Summit will be your first introduction to WildHearts, I hope our message resonates with and inspires you. To find out more visit