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The LaunchPAD Incubator Pilot Ventures

Babson Summer Study started here on campus last week, and this year includes a pilot of The LaunchPAD Incubator, hosting the winners of this year’s Babson Boston Cup in a residential program that runs along side Summer Study. Participating ventures are connected with Babson resources and graduate school mentors as they refine their business plans and set next-step business goals.

Group of People Discussing About Thinking Concept

These young entrepreneurs are incredibly inspiring and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have them all here with us for this pilot program. Here’s a sneak peek at what they’re working on:

Life Lessons

Jake Gosnell, Joey Gosnell and Chris Hanigan from Boston College High School

Life Lessons aims to help young people feel well prepared to live on their own. Targeting high school seniors and rising seniors, Life Lessons equips students for life beyond the classroom through a curriculum driven by real-world skills including: goal setting, finances, organization, communication, leadership and domestic skills. Courses are taught by industry professionals within the community. Life Lessons believes if “people put the same effort into themselves as they do planning their family vacation,” they would be better equipped to reach their goals.

Krazed Programming

Anderson Bonilla, Kelvin Maestre and Ethan Morillo from Kipp Academy

Krazed Programming believes all people should have the opportunity to thrive in this growing technological world, and that they can be a force that propels students into it because of their love for coding and innovation as well as their age. Their main objective is to provide coding skills at a lower cost than usual, targeting sixteen year olds to senior citizens. They hope to start small in their hometown, and then of course grow. Why coding? “It’s the basis of the future…the more technology there is, the more people will be needed to code it.”

Waxxing Tape

Alexandra Arbitol and Edwood Brice from Boston Latin School

Waxxing Tape is an all-natural, high quality, low cost, hair removal solution open to all genders. Waxxing Tape strives to expand the at-home waxing market and reach lower income households, as well as people who feel uncomfortable with traditional gender binary products and marketing. Why target a unisex market? Waxxing Tape believes the current beauty market is not representing all people, for example, “men’s products have a specific stereotypical masculine design, blue packaging,” whereas women’s products are “flowery”… “but sometimes men want a women’s product, but they don’t feel comfortable purchasing those items.” Waxxing Tape hopes to address these needs.