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Quick Service Incubator with Chef Tiffani Faison April 15th

On April 15, The WIN Lab and Food Sol at Babson will co-host a Quick Service Incubator with Chef Tiffani Faison at Workbar Cambridge. The story of how this event came to be is all about community.


Three years ago, I met Heatherjean MacNeil. She was entrepreneuring with her company Proxy Apparel and leading the charge on YouthTrade’s first summit with Whole Foods Market North Atlantic Region. Whole Foods Eco-Czar Lee Kane introduced us and we sat down for coffee in Central Square.

It was love at first sip. Heatherjean grew up on an organic farm in New Hampshire. We hold similar aspirations for how we’d like the food world to look. We’re both deeply committed to the cultural and spiritual components of food.

Then she came to work for Babson and is now Program Director for the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership (which includes the The WIN Lab). I love collaborating with her in service to entrepreneurs in and around Babson. That’s our story.

Three years ago, I met Andrew Zimmern through long-time colleagues of Food Sol co-founder Cheryl Kiser. All the connectors trusted one another, and so on that first call, we were able to bypass tepid small talk and get right to the heart of things: quickly discovering a deep Shared Why for what we aim to do in the food world.

Andrew is now in Year 3 of being an Entrepreneur in Residence at Babson. He introduced us to Gail Simmons, who is now a fellow Entrepreneur in Residence, and through the two of them, Food Sol has had the incredible fortune to work with some of Boston’s most talented, creative, and open-hearted chefs and restaurateurs. Andrew and Gail introduced us to Tiffani Faison. That’s our story.

As Cheryl says all the time, Why and Who matter more than How and What. The What of the Quick Service Incubator with Tiffani Faison and WIN Lab is below. But it’s our stories that tap into the Why and Who – and make our experiences so rich and delicious.

A Shared Why is the secret ingredient for an extraordinary experience. And people today are ravenous for extraordinary experiences. Come share one with us on April 15. All are welcome.

​​Quick Service Incubator, 6:30-9:00 p.m., Workbar Cambridge (45 Prospect Street, Cambridge)

Food entrepreneurs each get two minutes to pitch business challenges to the audience, which divides into small groups for rapid brainstorming on possible solutions. Audience teams and guest experts then pitch ideas back to the entrepreneurs. Design emphasizes multidisciplinary problem solving and learning for the whole room. Free and open to all, but you must register to attend.