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Building with Habitat for Humanity

Today was such a great day! Today was the first of two days for painting. The day started a little later than regular 7:30 am days so the extra sleep was well worth it. We packed up our lunches and left the house by 8:00 am. Our destination was a side street that was one of the first Habitat communities in the area. There were over 20 homes that were that were built about 12 years ago. The purpose of this specific project was to revamp a home with a fresh coat of paint on the outside of the house. We had the pleasure to be greeted by LaKeisha, Earl (with no Curl), Woody (construction supervisor), and Leonard Dixon who was the home owner. We circled up at the beginning of the day and we listened to the back stories of the people listed above. Leonard, specifically, lives in the home with his wife and his dog Cody. Our job for the project was to wipe down and paint the North and West walls of the house. Students last week from George Washington College painted the house last week so we just finished up their work. It is amazing that students from all over the country comes down here to serve and indirectly finish projects together. However, the Babson being awesome as it is, we finished the job within an hour and a half!! With the job finished for the day, we headed home and enjoyed our afternoon + evening.

As we got home we quickly changed and headed to the beach! Once we got there, there was a little rain, but it cleared up and we were able to tan and relax on the beach. Oh the warm weather, it was amazing. After a couple hours, we headed back and enjoyed watching Veronica Mars as a group in the living room. I never watched the series, but I have to admit, the movie was pretty good! After watching the movie, Stephanie and I had the pleasure of playing with the local children. Journey, Tyrell, CJ, and Crystal were our playmates as we played hop-scotch and freeze tag. We played until it got dark out, but that’s okay we shall play with them tomorrow. After coming inside, we got to enjoy the first home cooked meal of the Bumper House. Shout out to Gabby and Denning for the rice, beans, chicken, and salad. It was great  Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better day.  It’s hard to believe this is only the third day and we are having this much fun. The group I am with is great. We have gotten so close really quickly, its like a little family which reminded me of how close my group from two years ago was.  I can say both trips have been awesome, the people are great and the memories will not be forgotten. I cannot wait for the  what the rest of the week has in store. Until next time!

Tyrone Ramnath    ’15