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Lemonade Day Goes to Jackson, Mississippi

By Sarah Schwartz, the City Director for Boston Lemonade Day.

During the first ten days of the new year, Babson Master of Science in Management students traveled to Jackson, Mississippi. There they worked with middle school students teaching them the life skills of the Lemonade Day Program. Our MSM students utilized their ET&A® training while teaching leadership, teamwork and innovative problem solving. It was fascinating having students from around the world working with Jackson students whose culture and upbringing is very different from our own in the Northeast and different from theirs from various different countries around the world.

Babson College offers this free, fun financial literacy and entrepreneurial thinking curriculum, called Lemonade Day, to elementary and middle and high school students. As the leader in entrepreneurial education, Babson strongly believes that this skill set is powerful in the hands of K-12 students.

The Lemonade Day Boston program calls on the childhood institution of a Lemonade Stand to draw teachable moments which lead to an understanding of business and personal skill development.  This program follows a pedagogy that embodies Babson’s Entrepreneurial Thought and Action®. The foundation of this thinking is that one must understand who they are and what they have to offer and understand their community to be able to generate new venture ideas which should be a benefit to them and their community. Students develop a greater understanding of business concepts and then make their ideas happen. The program culminates in a CITY WIDE Lemonade Day on Saturday, May 2nd when all the students open their stands to the community.