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T Minus 6 Days to Babson Food Day

As the count down to the 4th Annual Babson Food Day begins, I am smiling all over thinking about how this spirited and absolutely delicious event has taken root over the years. Part of the nationwide Food Day movement, Babson Food Day is designed to be open, accessible, inspiring and relevant to everyone.

Though we are a business school, this event extends well beyond the business world because we believe that food is everybody’s business. Food Sol Director and Babson Food Day lead organizer Rachel Greenberger drives this point home in her recent post on Food Day National’s website, Why Eater Entrepreneurship Matters:

“Eating is an inherently entrepreneurial act. Eater entrepreneurs are the ones who have tilted our food system toward greater justice and sustainability.  Eater entrepreneurs recognize that by eating food, they have agency in the food system.  They harness that agency and contribute to driving change.”

Check out the full MENU of events here. As with all things Food Sol, you can come and go as you please. See you there!