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Honoring Social Innovators

We are proud to announce our 2014 Social Innovator Awards recipients, Mick Jackson and Razia Jan. Mick is the Founder and Chairman of WildHearts, a charity that launches businesses and uses their profits to fund global micro-finance. We’ve written about them here and here, and are inspired by their pioneering business model just as much as their simple, integrity driven outlook on business and the world. Razia is the Founder and Director of Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation, an organization that does great work in community-based education for Afghan women and most recently opened the Zabuli Education Center in Deh’Subz Afghanistan. Their commitment to breaking the cycle of poverty through education is tremendous and already creating real and lasting change in a region ravaged by conflict.

But this award is not so much about the organizations they’ve created as it is about the unique vision, courage and action it took for these leaders to create and cultivate these organizations. It is an opportunity to celebrate an extraordinary global social innovator, while also inspiring and informing the greater Babson community on what it takes to activate real and lasting change in the world. Mick Jackson and Razia Jan exemplify what it means to be a social innovator: one who sets in motion change that affects the life course of the individual, his/her community, and eventually a nation.