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Bon’App: A Tool to Spark Change At Babson

By Savannah Carlin, Babson Undergraduate Student.

Hello Babson food community!

In the time since my last post I have found a great way to start getting more sustainable food here at Babson! I have become a Bon’App campus ambassador.

What is Bon’App?

Bon’App is an organization based in Cambridge Massachusetts at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC). Bon’App is a website, iPhone, and Android app that gives users information on the sugar, bad fat, salt, and calories in their food so they can make the healthiest choices possible. In 2014, Bon’App started a campus ambassador program to bring healthier food to college campuses. Campus ambassadors work with College Dining services to bring healthier, tastier, and more sustainable options to his/her college. The campus ambassador program starts with a “Campus Food Investigation” to document the good, bad, and ugly of the college’s dining halls through social media. The Bon’App team of ambassadors has also developed a “Dream Dining Hall Menu” which includes delicious and healthy goodies like seasonal and fresh fruits and vegetables, a “Pack-A-Snack Bar”, and a salad bar full of fresh and filling toppings.


How will it help Babson? 

After documenting the food options at their school, campus ambassadors distribute surveys to get as much feedback as possible from students so they can seek out the most needed changes as soon as possible. After they collect the surveys they analyze the results and work with the food company (in our case Sodexo) to start implementing the changes. By sharing as many survey results as possible with Sodexo, we Babsonians can give them manageable and clear feedback that they can implement right away.

How can you get involved?

If you are a Babson student take this 2 minute survey by Friday before the official count ends!

Share the good, bad, and ugly of Trim, Reynolds, Jazzman’s, and Olin Cafe by using the #campusfoodbonapp tag on Facebook and Instagram.

Follow Bon’App on Instagram (@thebonapp),Twitter (@BonAppTweets), and like it on Facebook

So far I have already gotten 60 responses. If I get an additional 15 I will have more than any other chapter. Harvard is currently in the lead so let’s show Bon’App that Babson can do better!

If we all work together, Trim can become a place where people go to enjoy the food and not just people watching!