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It is finally time to move the often over-used rhetoric of “Our people are our greatest asset” to reality. When employees are treated well, valued for who they are, what they know, who they know and their personal resources a company has more than a win win. They will activate their employees discretionary effort. . . and that we know is priceless.

I love this article from last week’s Sunday NY Times magazine, Thinking Outside the (Big) Box, showing the power of this knowledge to effect positive change. “Even the most coldhearted, money-hungry capitalists ought to realize that increasing their work force, and paying them and treating them better, will often yield happier customers, more engaged workers and — surprisingly — larger corporate profits.” As new technology players emerge that can help large companies put their fingertips on this information, the changes start to roll out. This article focuses on big box retailers like Ikea, but it’s a way of thinking that has the power to transform countless industries.