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Reviewing Babson Food Days; What Was Your Favorite Part?

For us at Food Sol, Babson Food Days (October 23-24) was two days of high-energy, high-octane, high-entrepreneurship.  That could never have been without you – the impeccable talent, passion, and fire in the belly of Babson.

We’re entrepreneurs too, and as such, we must be relentlessly testing and talking to the market.  You are our market – and so it doesn’t matter as much what we think as what you think.

Across last Wednesday and Thursday, we strove to celebrate and accelerate food Entrepreneurship of All Kinds™ in and around Babson – and to offer a diverse array of options for Babson students and community to enjoy:

Gail Simmons cooked us breakfast in Trim

Community Table convened each day – once in Glavin, once in Blank

At the Market of Great Food + Ideas, Entrepreneurs in Residence Andrew Zimmern and Gail Simmons and Food Day founder Michael Jacobson toured the entrepreneurs’ tables to taste and travel across Babson food businesses

And we all chimed in for the rapid-fire consulting in the Quick Service Incubator to help 4 food entrepreneurs move forward.

To refresh your memory, check out this Storify co-created by Food Sol and Babson’s fearless Digital Marketing team.  And then – in the spirit of helping us to entrepreneur – please leave your feedback to us below!

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