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Taking the Pulse of Entrepreneurship in Scotland

I recently returned from the WildHearts Global Entrepreneurial Leader Conference in Scotland – the first global conference on entrepreneurship held there – and as I try to find words to describe the experience what keeps coming is simply, SPECTACULAR.

I was there to talk about ET&A – communicating our fundamental belief that entrepreneurship can be taught and bringing Babson’s methodology to business leaders, government officials, hatchery founders and beyond. This helped set the tone for the two-day conference showcasing the power of entrepreneurship to create economic and social value. I was amazed with how many Babson connections there were, and reminded how great it feels to be with a group of people striving to Entrepreneur; who see entrepreneurship as a powerful force in any economy.

What was the most inspiring was to hear from everyone from school kids, to teachers, to corporate executives about the transformative power of entrepreneurship. My take away, whether it was talking to microfinance institutions like the founder of FINCA or extraordinary business leaders like Sir Tom Hunter (an entrepreneur and global philanthropist), being inspired by people like Jim Duffy (chief executive optimist at Entrepreneurial Spark – the first hatchery in Glasgow) or teachers like Eileen Tompkins, (an extraordinary educator from Glascow), was best summed up by Cabinet Secretary, John Swinney: “the entrepreneurial spirit is being rediscovered and is truly growing and supported in Scotland today”. Being there able to feel it, it was palpable.

I also was blown away by the simplicity and impact of one of WildHeart’s programs, Micro-Tyco. As a result of this trip, the Babson Social Innovation Lab has committed to bringing Micro-Tyco to the US because it puts entrepreneurship right where it should be – at the heart of all we do. It involves everyone from young students to seasoned global philanthropists, and showcases entrepreneurship for the great tool for positive change that it is.

What a fabulous trip.