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The Only Thing That Remains Constant

By Jennifer-Trisha Kuhanga, Babson Undergraduate Student and Intern at The Lewis Institute.

I have been working with The Lewis Institute since January and we have been developing a project called the Babson Good Business Initiative (BGBI). BGBI is an experimental project that aims to help actualize Babson’s vision to educate entrepreneurial leaders who create both social and economic value in their business.  Over the past two and a half months we have moved along a few paradigms of thought for BGBI. At first we were set on creating a good business index, then we considered creating a good business design challenge, and now we have taken the route of positioning it as an initiative that will house several programs.

Despite the pivoting that we have done along this journey, our vision has remained the same. We want to create a Babson culture in which social relevance is not a big deal, rather “just the way we do business”. As we continue to go through this journey in which nothing is constant but changes, I must say that it is this vision that has anchored me.

So every once in a while, when things get confusing and I’m not sure what exactly we are doing I just close my eyes and I envision the possibilities. Can you imagine how cool it would be to see how Babson’s mission becomes a felt reality?! Yes it will take time for this vision to fully manifest, but I can see it in my mind’s eye, and it is this vision that keeps me going.

I’m excited to see how things come to be . . . and of course, continue to change.