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Exploring my roots in El Salvador

I was always taught to be philanthropic, and this Habitat trip seemed like the perfect experience.  I would be able to exploring another culture while be able to give back to those way less fortunate than I am.  What made this trip so much more appealing was the fact that it was in El Salvador.  I had come to El Salvador once before for my tio’s wedding where I was the flower girl;from what I could remember it was so beautiful.  So of course I had to come on this trip.  When we arrived we stayed in Mirandor Hotel.  Later, I found out that is the exact place where my tio’s wedding was held.  I was also able to see my Tio Jorge and Tia Ellie while i was in San Salvador, which was fun and very interesting seeing as i have a limited Spanish vocabulary and a limited English vocabulary, but it was awesome to see them.

After that first day in San Salvador we were able to go to the artisan market where they had the most beautiful things, of course i got myself the most gorgeous earrings.  After we traveled to Ahuachapan to our second hotel which was the nicest little resort, with a zoo, I saw and ostrich in person!

Everything leading up to going to the building site had been amazing but as we traveled down to the community I couldn’t stop thinking about how I wish I could do more because there was just so much poverty.  When we got there we split up into two groups, i was the morning group for building and afternoon teaching.  After three days of building we had made so much progress, granted I am already exhausted but it is the most rewarding feeling see a house come together for  family.  The family are the nicest people and you can just tell they are grateful.  They truly amaze me with there perseverance towards the house.  They are continuously working, we get there they are working, we take a break they are working, we leave and they are still working.  They are truly working hard for this house not only building it but paying for it.  I found out that their oldest son bikes three hours to San Salvador to work and pay off the house every day.  They inspire me and remind me that life isn’t easy you constantly have to work hard in order to get what you want, and i feel that many people especially the people i see everyday at school and home forget that.  That family will always remind me to always be grateful for my life and the people in it.

Family has always been a large part of my life and Today my Tio and two for my Tias drove about two and a half hours from San Salvador to visit me at the site in Ahuachapan.  They did get lost and we had a mini adventure finding them but it just gave me the best feeling.  besides before the hotel it was the first time seeing them in 15 years. It was so touching.

This excursion to El Salvador has become one of the best experiences in my life.  I have been able to see my “long lost’ family, help out those less fortunate, and the best part is this trip isn’t even over yet!!!!


-Brianna San Diego