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S.O.R.A…Seniors Out Reflecting Again– Megan Brain

When I first received the invitation to the S.O.R.A Soirees I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect or if it was worth the very limited amount of free time that I had, but I decided to give it a chance. At the very least, I figured it was a two hour break from the hectic Babson schedule. While that is true, it ended up being so much more than that. Boy am I glad that I walked through the doors of Glavin Chapel that October evening. For the first time since probably coming to Babson, I had a chance to stop and think about my past three and a half years spent here. Instead of stressing out over the big question mark looming in my future (which seems to be a constant occurrence for a majority of the seniors right now), I had a moment to reflect about the years the led up to this point, about the people and experiences that shaped the woman sitting in that chair. After having such a relaxing and introspective experience at the first S.O.R.A, I jumped on the opportunity to attend the second one in December. While sitting among a small group of my classmates both nights, I realized something. Though Babson is a relatively small school where everyone has met or heard of the majority of people in their class, how many of us really know each other? Sitting in that room I realized that though I was ‘acquainted’ with the other seniors around me, there was so much more to each of them beneath the surface. In the safe space that the S.O.R.A created, I listened as people shared their stories, experiences and fears…some of which hit remarkably close to home. For those two hours, we lowered our walls and shared the paths that got us to this point, SENIOR YEAR, and the fears and anxieties that we had about the future. I walked away both nights feeling lighter and with a sense of serenity. Though I didn’t have my future all figured out, I realized that instead of spending all my time worrying about it, I was going to spend my last semester at Babson living in the moment, learning every piece of knowledge I could pick up, growing as a person and a leader, and getting to know those around me while I still had the chance.

— Megan Brain, Class of 2013