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Meaghan and the team see some progress on the work site

Day 2 of working on the Habitat site in El Salvador!

Worksite at the start of day 2

Today I started by teaching Entrepreneurship to two teen-age boys from our village. I was shocked to find out that these two young men had already started their own jewelry making business and had sold over 1,000 bracelets. They showed us that they had even been keeping track of their inventory and keeping very precise accounting records. What these kids had been doing on their own with very little knowledge of business was incredible. It was amazing to see people younger than myself working hard to make a better life for themselves.

After teaching, it was really nice to see the progress the team had made on the worksite. I began to see how where we were digging was going to be the foundation of a house. Not only was the work on the house progressing but also you could see friendships growing between the members of the team, the masons, and the family which we are building for. At the end of the day it was nice to look back at the before picture we had taken of the worksite and see everything we had done in the last two days.  It gave me motivation to come back tomorrow and work just as hard.

Meaghan Toothaker ’15

Puja, Meaghan, and Nicole (and lots of dirt)

Lots of progress made today!

End of day 2