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Making friends and making tortillas

Today was a long day filled with learning many new things. We started off the day by splitting into two groups: one teaching and the other building. I worked on the house in the morning as we dug more dirt. During one of my water breaks, I went to chat with the family of the house we were building. I played with the youngest girl, Kimberly for a bit and watched her mother make tortillas. She asked me if I would like to help her make them, and I was able to assist in the process of making tortillas that the family sells as part of their income. It was exciting to learn a new skill and be able to communicate with the family with the little Spanish I know.  Throughout the duration of the morning I was able to play games and laugh a lot with all three of the girls: Kimberly, Stephanie, and Jennifer. 

Tortilla time!

In the afternoon, I was able to assist in teaching entrepreneurship to local woman and teenagers. It was great to see the women’s desire to progress as entrepreneurs and better their businesses. I also enjoyed watching the teenagers contribute and participate in group discussions. I am looking forward to what tomorrow brings and the adventures that we have yet to encounter.

Sami Steer ’14

Keep digging Sami!