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Tyler Blake @ Barton Road

Its that time of the day. The minute hand finally passes the 15 minute mark of the clock, and I am officially free from my day of classes. Babson College is a demanding environment, and as I head off to countless meetings, lectures, and extracurriculars, I often wonder what my week would be like if I didn’t have the Barton Road program. No matter what red circled grade the teacher hands back, or how many times my FME company flounders, I know with certainty that every Monday and Wednesday I have a place to forget about it all. There is no better feeling then stepping off our white Babson van, and instantly be surrounded by dozens of joyous children, so excited to see you again. Its impossible to feel any stress or heartache from the day’s events when this happens. Rather, you can only focus on how rewarding it feels to be a positive role model for children that so greatly appreciate it. They don’t care that you did poorly on a paper, or got in a fight with a friend in a business; they simply want to be around your company and cherish every moment until the day comes to a close.
When I’m at Barton Road, I revisit my inner child. Multiplication problems take me back to my elementary schooling, the playground activities and scuffling remind me too much of how I was at their age. Its hard to articulate what it feels like to be viewed as a mentor, to be viewed as a friend really, to a group of children that truly value the time I take out of my day to spend with them. Barton Road isn’t just a job, but its part of who I am, and I hope to continue working with the girls and boys there as long as I am a part of the Babson Community.