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Judy Liu @ Cradles to Crayons

I never fail to have an amazing day with my Cradles to Crayons family. Not a day goes by when I am not laughing, singing, or crying out of joy with my C2C team. Even though the morning shift consisted of dust, getting super dirty, and back breaking labor (I am exaggerating..a little) at Fallon, I pulled through because of the wonderful people I had with me (Derishai, Matt, Kacy, and Maria). Did I mention that the team almost died THREE TIMES on our trip to Fallon because of Maria’s reckless driving??!?!? Three times! Let me remind Maria that only cats have 9 lives. Please don’t scare us like that again Maria. 😛 Speaking of cats… Maria’s favorite cat died last week. Rest in peace Maria’s cat. Where there is a loss, there is a gain. Derishai rescued an adorable purple teddy bear from Fallon (which would’ve have been thrown away and crushed in the garbage truck) and she named it Belle. 🙂

If encountering death 3 times wasn’t enough at the beginning of the day, wait until you hear this. LINDSEY, our designated afternoon driver and valuable member of the C2C family, almost got into a car accident with Denning! Denning, being the wonderful and kind person that she is, would’ve probably replied “oh it’s perfectly fine guys, it’s only a couple thousand dollars to fix my car and it’s okay that I almost died”. Just kidding! But Denning really is an extremely kind-hearted person. Denning also joined Derishai, Matt, Lindsey and I for our afternoon shift at the Giving Factory. I bet she made lots of gorgeous outfits with Derishai. 🙂 Me and Matt got to sort PJs today and we found a lot of adorable onesies. We got to work with another Giving Corp member named Mari who goes to Boston University and is a mix of Japanese, Korean, German, Irish and the list goes on. Within the two hours at the PJ station, Matt abused me several times. He whipped me with PJs, pushed me, punched me, and pulled my hair. Just kidding on the last two! But yes I was abused at my afternoon shift. Even then, I still love Matt because that’s what family members do, they fuss and fight and make up right after.

After Cradles to Crayons, Derishai, Matt, Lindsey and I had a reflection with Denning. During the reflection, there were a lot of heartfelt conversations and stories. I love that the C2C family trust each other enough to open up to one another.

The best thing about being a part of the C2C family is that everyone is super connected, whether it’s our emotions, thoughts, etc. One person’s obstacle becomes another person’s obstacle (Maria’s FME problem), one person’s sadness becomes another person’s sadness (Judy & Matt’s story), and one person’s happiness becomes another person’s happiness. My C2C family is awesome and I wouldn’t trade them in for anything…except chicken. I kid, I kid.