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Day Three: From the Windows, To the Walls…

Grace Morton ’14:

Our Wednesday night festivities started off at a small local restaurant called “2 Paul’s Radically Urban Barbeque,” where we indulged ourselves in classic Cajun sandwiches. Pulled pork and brisket were top on the list for the group favorites, especially when topped with the special sweet jelly pepper sauce. Once we were stuffed to the brim, we headed over to the movies to watch Mark Wahlberg’s Contraband. It was a nice break after a tough day of work and gave us a chance to recharge for the next day.

Starting at a chilly 43°, we walked to the work site this morning ready to make great progress. The ceramics team and I spent the first half of the day finishing up the tiling in the bathrooms and hallways. After two and a half days (and bit of working into the lunch break), the flooring was completed, which was a huge sigh of relief for me. It was great to see the finished product, until Justin told me that we had to grout over all of the tile in the house tomorrow, which would take the whole day. Everyone else spent the day painting trim, placing joists in the frame, and nailing in plywood to sheath the walls. Once again, a “friendly” competition arose to see which team could place the most pieces of plywood first, and Josh was too proud to say that he was part of the winning team. For the group’s upcoming adventures, we can look forward to shrimp pizza, competitive Pictionary, and potentially a trip to the reputable NOLA.
And finally, Kyle is 1-4 on the search for the baby in the daily King’s cake!!