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Day Two: Framing

Kyle Shute ’12:

In the spirit of emerging ourselves into the Lafayette culture, we went to Old Tyme Grocery and indulged in some phenomenal po’ boys (basically a sub). The owner of the restaurant spontaneously serenated us with his accordion. Last night I let the arcade get the best of me. We pooled our tickets (acquiring a lofty 1594) and turned them in for a football and wiffleball and bat after coercing the girls out of wanting a dodge ball. We attempted to go bowling but the wait for a lane was over an hour, so we settled for the arcade and go-karts. Go-karts was almost as competitive as Catchphrase (ask Michelle Chin, she got hit with the game device and spun 180°).

This morning we were reminded of Boston with temperatures in the 40’s as we slumbered to the work site. Luckily later in the day it was sunny and in the high 60’s. Before we left for Louisiana, I was told that we were putting up walls for one of the houses we were working on. After hearing about putting up these walls all week, I was excited and pushed through the cold. However, I soon found out that my skills were needed elsewhere and I found myself stuck cutting floor tiles into all shapes and sizes for the entire day. As Kelsey pointed out yesterday, I continued my search for the baby in the King’s Cake and now find myself 0 for 3. Thankfully I have 3 more chances.