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Day One: Drew where are you?

Kelsey Bronski ’14:

Since we arrived in Lafayette we have seen a drive-through daiquiri store and discovered we could hop our backyard’s fence into Walmart’s parking lot. Needless to say we’re not in Wellesley anymore. We’ve ventured into Walmart at least 3 times now- and everyone there wants to be our friend. We have been asked our opinion on which shampoo is best, and given advice about bubble bath when no one was interested in buying any(if you’re looking for a relaxing bath buy: Dr. Teal’s). Our first night got a little competitive as we settled in and broke out the game Catchphrase- we had to stop after only three rounds because some people couldn’t handle the pressure. Tess Rubega decided to tweet at Drew Brees and ask him to come lend a helping hand; we are still anxiously awaiting his response. We started work the next day at 8am and due to the rain we worked inside laying tile and hardwood floor. After what seemed like hours we broke for lunch, which was phenomenal. Every day we have had the fortune of eating an entire King’s Cake; King’s Cake is traditionally eaten during the period that leads up to Fat Tuesday.  The most fun, or disturbing part about this pastry is that there is a plastic baby hidden somewhere in the cake. Kyle Shute was much amused by this and was very serious about how he went about searching for it. He took a Where’s Waldo, as well as a Where in the World is Carmen San Diego approach to finding the baby. Unfortunately he is 0 for 2 in the search. Good thing he has 4 more chances (he is going to need them).